Custom cabinetry is our main area of expertise. We are completely custom, meaning you get exactly what you want. We can tailor items and overall fit and finish to suit your timelines, budget, wants and needs. Want your new kitchen cabinets to match the colour of your existing bookcase? No problem, we use primarily Ben Moore and our finish guy is the best in the province. 



Bookcases, laundry rooms, bars, mudrooms....we do it all. Floating shelves, open shelves, closed storage....the only limitation is your imagination!




We've had loads of custom furniture commission pieces and love every single one of them. Its like a little treat we get to work on in between big kitchen renos, and always tests our skills and knowledge in this industry, which only helps us grow! From live-edge solid walnut tables, to a media record player stand, to a rustic Alder king size bed and nightstand set (that we dragged out to a field for pictures!), to coffee tables, we love when a potential client brings us a picture of a furniture piece they've either come up with on their own, or found online that they love but also maybe want a couple things tweaked and changed on it. We start brainstorming together, adjusting dimensions to your space, changing materials to your likes, and in the end, a beautiful piece that we have trouble saying goodbye to!



Hardware and cool features

We love sourcing cool stuff. Our speciality is handle-less cabinets, with touch to open, or electronic opening doors. Magic! If you want regular opening doors instead, no problem! We have great suppliers for tons of options on cabinet pulls and knobs to put the jewelry on your cabinets.


We handle the majority of our own installs on our cabinetry. Know how that differs from every other company out there? Other places hire out installation contractors to come in and install your new kitchen; we don't. We send our own guys there; the ones who have spent time in the shop building this exact piece. They are invested in it. They know exactly what's going on with it and all the details. Our end product is the installation, and we like to use the term "surgical installation" around here because we are bound to get it as near perfect as possible (and please realize, nothing with wood, or houses, or building is ever *perfect* because we are working with natural materials and sometimes existing issues in the house, but we finish as near perfect as possible!)




We truly love what we do, and a big part of that is staying current on design trends and whats new and hot. We hear time and time again that people have come to us because they follow our IG and FB pages and love what we do. We are constantly sourcing new products and are often times the only shop in the city able to offer certain things that the rest of Regina just hasn't quit caught up to yet. We work hand in hand with a registered Interior Designer, so when you choose to do a kitchen with us, we'll come up with the layout and functionality side of things, and you'll have a designer at your disposal to help you choose a cohesive scheme for cabinet colour, backsplash, flooring choices, counters, etc, if you choose. 



We've done our fair share of commercial work in the past, and while we're mainly residential, we're always willing to check out a proposed job on the commercial side of things.


Only Finishing WOODWORK 

The main way we are different from many other cabinet and construction shops is this: Our main thing is cabinetry and fine woodwork. We don't pretend we know how to paint; all our work goes to a professional finisher. We don't build decks. We don't do roofs. We don't do flooring. We don't do framing or build garages. Many other places are kind of a one-stop shop, which may seem convenient, but if you're a jack of all trades, you're a master at none. Our tools are the best available for what we do, and our shop is set up for cabinets and furniture, and thats it.