Kitchen Cabinets - Pullouts + Organization

Planning and producing a new kitchen from scratch is our jam! There are so many factors to think about when you decide to either build a new house or renovate an existing home, and thinking about kitchen cabinets and the functionality of how that space will work can often become an overwhelming task.

Lets focus on one thing in that area today that can make your life so much easier - pullouts and organization!

Every organization nerd’s dream! Mine anyway….

Pullouts + Organization for the Kitchen

“Spice” pullouts are probably one of the most popular pullouts we do. They come in metal or wood options, some have adjustable shelving heights, and they all extend full depth so you have easy access. The most common position in the kitchen to place these is typically by your stove. Symetrical spice pullouts on either side of the oven will always look amazing!

A garbage/recycling pullout is something we pretty much always incorporate. They are fairly price effective in terms of pullouts, and its something that gets used daily. Our most popular is a double bin, 100L volume garbage + recycling bin pullout. We try to place these close to the sink if the layout allows as that’s the most efficient spot. We often put one of these in a downstairs bar area too for corralling bottles and cans.


Pantry pullouts are a great way to add storage. Everything is easy to see and grab as needed. Adding tall cabinets to incorporate a full pullout system or adding drawers inside can really make awesome use of a space. Tall pantry pullouts can cost a fair amount, so adding internal drawers might be a slightly more cost effective solution but still add a bunch of functional space.


Options for adding pullouts throughout your kitchen cabinets are pretty much endless. If you want a pullout rack with dividers for big pots and pans, we can find one that would work. If you want a pullout with buckets for cooking utensils, easy! There are so many options if you search “pullouts” online, and we have access to a large chunk of them if interested. Adding them in may cost a bit more than a standard cabinet with shelves or with drawers upfront, but will be a huge benefit over the lifetime of your kitchen.