Checking in....

We're in the process right now of switching from an outdated website to a fresh new look, and let me say, it was LONG overdue! We post mainly on Instagram and Facebook, but with this new site up and running, and hopefully a lot more user-friendly, maybe we'll be able to keep it more current with what we're up to!

Right now, besides this website overhaul, we're finishing up a beautiful kitchen right here in White City (those are the best since its so close to our shop!), and gearing up to start on another great space for a new build on an acreage just outside of White City. Funny story, this house is being built on a piece of land that Ethan and I drove by when it was for sale, and it was my dream acreage property! Needless to say, it sold very quickly before we could look into it more, and now a couple years later, we're doing the kitchen for the new house going up! Two very different styles are going in to these ones; the first one is a modern, matte white and the other is a classic white shaker with rustic elements in the island and throughout.  And we also have about three tables in various stages in the shop waiting for completion as well!  

I'll make sure to post pics as soon as these jobs get finished up!